Dedicated to the Memory of IM Attila Schneider

Attila Schneider
January 2003
Photo: Gyorgy Honfi

- April 2019 -


The Hungarian Chess Composers’ website (www.magyarsakkszerzok.hu) announces an international jubilee tourney on the occasion of the 70th birthday of János Mikitovics (born 18.7.1949), to the Memory of the IM Attila Schneider (14.4.1955-8.7.2003). The formal tourney is announced for (win and draw sections) endgame studies with free theme and the judges, using Attila Schneider’s Evaluation Method, will be the participant composers.

The entries, if possible in pgn, should be sent by e-mail to
János Mikitovics:

Closing date: 15th October 2019.

e will publish the provisional award on 15th January 2020 in the Hungarian website, UAPA & ARVES, and sending it to all participants via email.

The double Hungarian Champion, Schneider Attila’s used Evaluation Method is as follows (see ChessClinic’s endgame study tourney 2001_2002: winner Pal Benko):

The authors will receive serially numbered anonymous diagrams with solutions after the deadline for submission and from 0 to 5 you can score your competitors’ work. Half points are also possible (0,5; 1,5; etc).The points given to each other will be summed up. The author (or co-authors) wins, who the most points get. Of course the participants are not scoring themselves.
Help for the judges: all authors will also receive an Excel table, in which only the scores must be entered and the completed table returned to the director.

Prize pool in the two sections jointly: USD 1000.